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  1. Our solution not only allows early access to earned wages, but our banking product provides a lower cost for consumers / employees to access and use their money

    • Earned Wage Access - which will call Pay Any-Day which provides 50% of their previous days earn wages and that available balance builds everyday until pay day

    • Everyone earns interest on their money

    • FDIC insured up to $250,000.

    • Send Money Instantly and Next Day

    • Bill Pay Instant and Next Day

    • Worldwide ATM access

    • One of the largest domestic ATM networks via All-point.

    • A Visa Debit Card (no fees for using it like some Pay-cards)

    • No hidden fees like Overdraft, NSF, etc.

  2. We are more than just another Earned Wage Access (EWA)

  3. We offer the lightest touch integration in the marketplace and with our proprietary algorithm, the only requirement is a weekly termination file SFTP’d or emailed to us.  We also offer to integrate with their time and attendance provider as well at no cost to the employer

  4. We are NOT a pay-card.  No administration required by the employer

  5. We can use our Algorithm model which does NOT require continuous access to payroll records

  6. Employer payroll process remains the same. We just ask employees after they sign up to switch direct deposit to their Same Day Pay account

  7. We can make Pay Any-Day, our version of EWA available after the first direct deposit

                         Same Day Pay   

                                                           Give your employees the benefit of access to money they've already earned.  

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